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Eurovision's dirty secrets

ELDR President Sir Graham Watson MEP

"A country that resorts to brutal force and violently clamps down on its youth, the future insurance of a country, has politically and morally surrendered", says Sir Graham Watson MEP, President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR).

He expressed the indignation of European Liberals following Monday's peaceful demonstrations by the Azeri youth in Baku, Azerbaijan demanding political freedoms. Among the assaulted youth were members of ELDR member Musavat's Youth Wing as well as young liberals of the International Federation of Liberal Youth.

"European liberals will keep a vigilant eye on the ever deteriorating situation in Azerbaijan even after the Eurovision song contest when international attention may fade away", commented the ELDR president.

Earlier this year, Sir Graham launched the Douze Points for Freedom campaign, urging everyone to sign his petition demanding an immediate release of government opposition members who have been jailed for expressing opposition to the regime.
‘‘Eurovision is a chance for Europe to come together, now more important than ever, given these difficult and testing times. But the question we should be asking is why is a country that continues to imprison people because they said something against the government hosting the world’s largest music competition to an audience of hundreds of millions of people?"