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FDP gets ready for German federal election

FDP's campaign poster with leader Christian Lindner

As German federal elections get closer, FDP believes that a new way of thinking is needed for this new era.

Under the motto "Denken wir neu" (or "Let's think differently"), FDP's election manifesto proposes a new way of thinking on five core pillars: education, digitalisation, rule of law, economy and Europe.

FDP summarises its priorities in a few bullet points:

  • Education is the overall task. We’ll revise education funding regulations and set clear learning standards.
  • Glass fiber beats copper cable. We’ll launch the expansion of the fibre optic network by selling post office and telecom shares.
  • We can do without the solidarity surcharge. Abolishing it is the beginning of tax reliefs worth 30 billion euros for the large middle class.
  • For the EU to work better. Fundamental reforms will bring about the necessary efficiency, for example to tackle the refugee crisis.
  • Freedom and security are core tasks. Budget expenditures for the police and the judiciary will be made a priority after years of neglect. This will create security. We will protect fundamental rights and privacy. This will create freedom.

Commenting on the election manifesto, FDP leader Christian Lindner said: "We are going through a radical upheaval. Digitisation and political turbulence change everything. Not just Germany, but the whole world stands at the dawn of a new era. We Free Democrats believe that we also need a new way of thinking for this new era. A way of thinking free from prejudices, free from habits, free from “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. A way of thinking that is forward-looking and does not look for solutions in the past. Because we are in a state of upheaval, that’s for sure. But equally sure is the fact that it offers opportunities. Let’s take advantage of them."

You can take a look at FDP's election manifesto in English HERE. More information about their campaign in German HERE.

German citizens will go to the polls on 24 September to elect the members of the 19th Bundestag.