Federica Sabbati elected European Movement VP | ALDE Party

Federica Sabbati elected European Movement VP

European Movement International Board

On 24-25 November the European Movement International (EMI) gathered in Brussels for its annual Federal Assembly. As well as having discussions on its future direction, the European Movement International meeting last weekend served as an opportunity for members to elect the new President, Vice Presidents and Board Members.

Liberal candidate Federica Sabbati, former Secretary General of the ALDE Party (ELDR) and of Liberal International, was elected as one of the six Vice Presidents of the organisation.

Founded nearly 70 years ago, for the first time in its history the European Movement has a female President, EPP Member of the European Parliament Eva Maydell; three female Vice Presidents, and a Board where 11 out of 20 members are women and several represent youth organisations. Thus, the new Board has become younger and more diverse, and a wider range of cultures, languages and professional backgrounds are now represented.

The European Movement is the largest network of pro-European organisations in Europe. It was founded at the Congress of Europe in The Hague in 1948, and its first major achievement was the creation of the Council of Europe in May 1949. The European Movement was also responsible for the creation of the College of Europe in Bruges and the European Centre of Culture in Geneva.

One of its major functions from the 1950s to the 1990s was the setting up of think-tanks and a network of mobilisation in the democratic countries of Europe and in countries subjected to totalitarian regimes. It is now present in about 30 countries in the EU and its neighborhood, including Turkey.

Recently, its network has been enlarging to pan-European civil society organisations, business, trade unions, local authorities, academia, as well as the largest European political parties, including the ALDE Party. Its aim is to promote pro-European ideas, which are the common ground amongst its very diverse membership.