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Finnish member parties remain strong in municipal elections

Juha Sipila thanking Keskusta voters

Finnish citizens went to the polls on Sunday 9 April to vote for their local representatives. International media headlines have focused on the decline of the populist and anti-EU True Finns, which have lost 3.5% of the votes since the latest 2012 local elections.

Our two member parties, Suomen Keskusta and Svenska Folkpartiet (SFP), remained strong in the elections. Keskusta, led by Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila, emerged as third force with 17.5% of the votes, while SFP obtained 4.9% of the votes, which was an increase by 0.2 % and constituted the best result for the party in municipal elections in some 20 years. In addition, party leader Anna-Maja Henriksson gained an impressive personal vote total in her home town of Jakobstad, taking the biggest proportional share of votes in the whole country in securing 17,5 % of all votes cast.

Our Finnish candidate for our programme European Women's Academy Silja Borgarsdottír-Sandelin (SFP) claimed her place in the Helsinki City Council with a personal vote total of 966 votes.

You can take a look at the detailed stats, figures and data in English on the Finnish national broadcaster YLE.