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German Liberal MP is the new president of GLOBE Europe

German MP Michael Kauch
German MP Michael Kauch

Michael Kauch, an FDP MP, is the new president of GLOBE Europe, the European Chapter of the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment. He was elected at the recent General Assembly to succeed the Danish Green Steen Gade, who didn't run for another term. Vice Presidents are Petra BAYER (Austria), Linas BALSYS (Lithuania), Barry GARDINER (UK), Jens HOLM (Sweden) and Arnaud LEROY (France).

GLOBE is a cross-party and trans-national network of MPs, who are committed to the environment and to sustainability. At present, MPs from 88 countries around the world represent their countries in the network. Major activities are global parliamentary dialogues on climate policy, forest protection and sustainable development.
Concerning the key activities of GLOBE Europe in 2013 KAUCH explains: "The European emissions trading scheme shall be a role model for a global carbon market. Therefore, we want to ensure its functionality. Also, the exchange of national parliamentarians on energy policy is of major importance for the European energy grid. We must stop to discuss each country's energy policy, as if they were isolated." European parliamentary dialogues on protecting the Baltic Sea, creating Sustainable Development Goals as part of the Rio process and accounting of Natural Capital are planned.
The 45-year-old Michael Kauch is member of the German Bundestag since 2003. He is the FDP Parliamentary Group's spokesman for environmental policy and spokesman in the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Sustainable development. Since 2007 he has been active in GLOBE.