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German Liberals strike again

FDP leader Christian Lindner celebrating the results

FDP scored its best ever result ever in Germany’s most populous state of North Rhine-Westfalia with 12.6% in last Sunday’s regional elections. This great result just comes one week after the successful elections in the norther state of Schleswig-Holstein.

If German Liberals can push for their agenda for educational reforms, push for better infrastructure, advance the digital agenda and a functioning rule of law, FDP will join a possible government coalition.

This strong result is also an important signal nation-wide ahead of the federal elections on 24 September 2017. European Liberals are confident that a strong liberal voice will return to the German Parliament and will thus strengthen ALDE Party as a whole. 

Read a more detailed analysis of the election results on FDP's online magazine in German.

FDP leader and Chairman of FDP North Rhine-Westfalia Christian Lindner explained on his Twitter what's next after these regional elections and how should the results be interpreted.