HNS moves a step closer towards establishing a talent management system | ALDE Party

HNS moves a step closer towards establishing a talent management system

Group picture from HNS summer school

From 6 to 8 October Croatian ALDE member HNS conducted its annual youth summer school in the coastal town of Vodice. This year's objective was to hold a strategic planning workshop on talent management in political parties and gather leading members from their youth organisation.

The workshop began with a presentation of best practices of HNS’ Dutch sister parties VVD and D66, which have an extraordinary talent management system encompassing the whole party structure from the youth organisation to the party leaders.

Participants were then invited to brainstorm on the four components of talent management: recruitment, education and training, evaluation and positioning through a series of practical exercises. The strategic planning concluded with the development of guidelines for the future document on talent management in the Youth HNS.

After a brief analysis of the current situation in the youth organization given by Ivan Bednjanić Bunić, secretary general of Youth HNS, participants discussed future actions to be taken, such as changing of the statutes and electing a new leader of the youth organisation in the upcoming electoral congress.

The workshop was moderated by Goran Neralić, president of the International Educational Center (ELF member) and trainer in organisational development and strategic planning.