Individual members discuss migration in Rome | ALDE Party

Individual members discuss migration in Rome

Emma Bonino, Benedetto della Vedova, Antonio Stango (from left to right)

On 22 of November, ALDE Party individual members in Italy hosted an event on the topic “Europe and challenges of migration flows” in Rome. They were honoured to have amongst other keynote speakers the former Italian Minister of Foreign Affair and European Commissioner Emma Bonino, the current Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Senator Benedetto della Vedova, and the President of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Andrea Mazziotti, who were welcomed by country coordinator Antonio Stango.

In the recent years migration has been one of the European Union's greatest challenges. Due to Italy's geographical position, the country has been facing a particularly difficult situation since the migration crisis onwards.

One of the main conclusions from the discussions was that migration challenges are diverse but they all interlinked: they go from tackling the breach of human rights in the Libyan refugee camps; to guaranteeing an effective EU reception system throughout the ongoing revision of the Dublin Regulation and to integrating migrants into EU societies and economies by updating legislations and creating new jobs.

All the speakers agreed that no EU country can, or should, address this migration issue alone. Member States need to act together and live up to EU values of democracy, peace and, particularly, respect of human rights.

In this regard, Emma Bonino said: "If we want to keep alive the most beautiful political project of the last 70 years, the EU, we need an effective European migration law. If not, this beautiful political project risks to fall apart."

Andrea Mazziotti highlighted that in making EU norms on migration, policy-makers should put EU principles before economic interests. He also stressed the need of a coordination between EU national parliaments in implementing EU migration law: national parliaments must interact to evaluate together EU documents and, thus, enter into a fruitful supranational dialogue on the migration crisis, including the European Commission as an actor in the discussion. If not, the debates and policy positions on this issue will always be nationalistic and economy focused and they would eventually not provide effective answers to the challenges.

The conference offered interesting food for thought to the audience and it was held on the eve of the launch of +Europa – a liberal, reformist, federalist and pro-EU list aiming at the Italian political elections of 2018 led by Emma Bonino and Benedetto Della Vedova.

ALDE Italian Individual Members have promptly activated themselves for collecting the signatures that any political party, not yet represented in the Parliament, needs to collect for running at the national elections.