Individual members kick-off their activity in France | ALDE Party

Individual members kick-off their activity in France

Invidividual members during the meeting in Paris

On Thursday 9 November, ALDE Party’s individual members hosted in Paris the first "After Work" event organised by the new Coordinator for France Yves Robert on the topic of "Individual Members, have your say."

With numerous expressions of interest and 14 people around the table, including Senator Olivier Cadic and Catherine Michaud, City council member of Paris. It was a really great moment to talk with a large panel of people ranging in the age from 22 to 80 years old. ALDE Party Communication adviser Daniel Tanahatoe opened the meeting introducing the history of the ALDE Party and individual members, while Julie Cantalou, the Chair of the Steering Committee, presented the strategy process of the Steering Committee. The French members gave their vision and mission of individual membership especially in the current political context in France.

To sum up, participants agreed that "while national parties discuss on many subjects, of which one of them is Europe, the biggest strength of ALDE Party’s individual members is that we only discuss European subjects. In this way, ALDE is the place to be to exchange ideas on Europe and in fact complement the action of national political parties." The French programme for next year was decided with this in mind.

Firstly, every month we aim to have an event in Paris to discuss on European news and in the future, make policy proposals to the Steering Committee. We have already scheduled an event with individual members in the south of France in Marseille on 18 December and we also plan to organise an event in January in Paris to discuss the Bulgarian EU Presidency.

Secondly, we aim to have transnational events once or twice a year in the main cities of France: Lyon, Strasbourg (with German individual members), Nice (with Italian members) and Lille (with members from Belgium).

Finally, concerning communication, we aim to launch our website in French shortly, just like our Facebook page.


Reported by French Individual Members' country coordinator Yves Robert