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Individual members meet in Belgium and Germany

Individual member Chris Pyak addressing Junge Liberale in Essen

On Thursday 6 July at ALDE Party HQ, individual members living in Belgium gathered to discuss and better define the vision and mission of the ALDE Party individual members. The “strategy process” project has been launched last springtime by the individual members Steering Committee through which they aim to shape the future strategy of the individual members and to delineate the values and goals of the ALDE Party individual membership. 

The debate was introduced by Daniel Tanahatoe, ALDE Party Communication Adviser, and Elsa Pacella, ALDE Party trainee, who respectively held a presentation on the history of individual membership and the “strategy process.”  

Moderated by country coordinator Amélie Pans for Belgium, the event drove the participants to share their ideas and opinions with great enthusiasm. After the event, Belgian individual members showed great willingness to become more active and therefore contribute to shaping a strong and efficient democracy.

The ALDE individual membership initiative is the first attempt at a true pan-European movement aiming at directly engaging citizens across all member states into debating, elaborating and promoting concrete and actionable propositions, reached by the application of the core liberal values of freedom, progress and responsibility to major European issues," expressed one of the event participants.

The outcome of the debate was a first draft of the individual members vision that will provide input to the statement that the steering committee wants to publish at the end of the strategy process.


On Tuesday 11 July, the ALDE Party individual members Steering Committee member Chris Pyak was invited to have a speech at an event organised by the Junge Liberale in Essen, Germany.

Together with dozens of young liberals, Pyak explored ways to improve individual freedom for European citizens discussing topics around the slogan "European Republic, autonomous cars and jobs for the 21th century.”

"There is no doubt that more decisions should be made on a European level. The only question is who will have the power to make these choices: National governments behind closed doors or citizens in a public debate in the European Parliament?" Pyak concluded.