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Individual Members: Time to vote for your Steering Committee candidates


The deadline of nominations for the new ALDE Party Individual Members Steering Committee has passed. Earlier, we informed you that the ALDE Party secretariat received seven valid nominations. Existing Steering Committee members Chris Pyak and Thalia Ntoka will run again, while Sébastien Martin, Ashmita Krishna, Enrico Cappelletti, Robert Schliessler and Jérôme Roche are first time candidates. You can find their nominations via this link.

In this news item, we share with you a more extensive motivation that we received from the seven candidates in the Steering Committee elections. 

The elections are now on online since 25 September to next Monday 2 October. Paid-up individual members (before 1 July) should have received their ballot on Monday afternoon 25 September. If you have not received the email, please contact Daniel Tanahatoe

Enrico Cappelletti

I'm Enrico Cappelletti, I was born 35 years ago in Vicenza, Italy, and I live in Milan, Italy, since 2007. Space Engineer by education, I was Erasmus student in Germany and took an MBA in Spain. I currently work as a Business Intelligence consultant.

I got involved in ALDE Individual Membership because I believe that European democracy is in fact incomplete and only through pan-European parties we can build a federal democratic Europe.

Last year I was elected to represent ALDE individual members as Delegate to the Warsaw ALDE Party congress.

The points that I consider key for the EU to make a difference in citizens’ life, and therefore my priorities, are:

1. Implementing transnational lists in time for 2019 European elections.

2. Protecting Schengen, through a common Asylum policy and a common border police.

3. Enforcing a common security, including both Intelligence and Army.

4. Total firmness on Brexit, (Norwegian model should be applied).

As the other four #readyforthenextstep candidates, we will show to ALDE that ALDE IM can become an official body of ALDE Party by increasing IM’s presence in member states, creating pan-European thematic working groups to shape EU’s future and making it possible for ALDE IM chapters to register as associations.

Ashmita Krishna 

True liberalism starts with the individual. The platform which the ALDE Party Individual Members organization has created is full of opportunities. With my candidacy for the Steering Committee I want to give all liberals across Europe the opportunity to connect, to share and build on ideas and create a common future towards a stronger and better Europe. All starting with the individual.

Since I joined international politics in 2008 I have travelled all across Europe and seen, experienced but most of all learned a lot. My highlights are too many, among which: walking in the ‘Mars for Europe’ in Rome, the Europride in Riga, summer camp with JNC in Catalonia…My lowlight definitely was being deported from Belarus for talking to young Belarussians about democracy during a seminar.

Freedom is not a given. Our organization offers a platform to engage and connect with also those liberals across Europe who are living in countries where liberal ideas are less common.

My name is Ashmita Krishna and I want to empower all liberals through our platform. To do this I kindly ask for your vote. 

Sébastien Martin

During the last few years, our membership has grown significantly, new platforms have been successfully set up, and many high-quality resolutions proposed. But somehow, the feeling for a precise direction and a distinct purpose is still missing. We now need a clear strategy, with measurable goals and deadlines.

By a formidable turn of events, we are at a crucial point in the history of both our movement and the European Union. The deadline imposes itself: 2019 and the next European elections. And from this follows our first goal: to actively support the adoption of the first transnational list campaigning over a single pan-European circumscription.

During the last Congress and Council Delegates elections, I have been privileged to discuss and reflect with many of you on the issues we currently face. We need to organize our local and national groups into legally recognized associations, giving them the freedom to manage their own budget; we need to associate our members into pan-European thematic working groups, to engage in a privileged dialogue with liberal MEPs; and we need to ensure a strong ALDE presence in all Member States, particularly those without a liberal party.

Those are ambitious goals which will require a lot of work and commitment, and I gladly welcome the challenge. I am #readyforthenextstep; are you?

Thalia Ntoka

Two years ago, when I joined ALDE Party and became both an individual member and Steering Committee member, with almost 1500 members, our biggest goal was to become stronger, something we did. We increased our membership, set new rules and our presence through various events across Europe made us a reliable part in the ALDE Party.

Last year’s call was to increase our voice and our power and we achieved that too. Our events became more targeted, we worked with liberal parties across Europe and our blog helped us to spread our ideas and share our values. We faced difficulties but still, we succeeded.

This year’s election is very important and will be the key point for the Individual Membership. We are ready to implement our strategy and strengthen our role within the party. Now we have the tools and knowledge to make our existence beneficial for everyone. 

The next two years will be crucial for Europe and that’s why we should play a major key role. 

The mandate for more united and strong Europe is here. Together, we will succeed.  It will be an honour to vote for me to become a member of the new Steering Committee.

Chris Pyak

“To speak frankly, the real problem in the EU is the European Council, which far too often wields the veto that undermines the decisions taken by the European Commission and the Parliament."

In this point, Gianni Pitella is right.

I am a strong supporter of federalism. Decisions should be made as close to all affected citizens as possible.

Sometimes that means: All 500+ EU citizens. For example in foreign policy, defense, migration, trade etc.

In these instances, the European Parliament must have the full rights to decide alone.

Most of our current problems have a common root cause: Democracy is limited because any single national government can hold all 500+ million Europeans hostage - most of which have no option to elect that particular national government.

This must change. We citizens need to take back control and empower the European parliament.

It is us who should force change, because national governments will never give up powers on their own.

This is our mission as ALDE Party Individual Members.

That is the core and purpose of the strategy that my colleagues and I developed in the Steering Committee in the last two years.

My name is Chris Pyak. I would be glad to bring our strategy alive. Please support me with your vote!


Jérôme Roche

In his new book about European winds, Nick Hunt says that his senses have been uplifted and animated by the winds. Can we imagine that these adjectives will once qualify the European Union?

Starting from the top, in his State of Union speech, Jean-Claude Juncker finally pleaded for transnational lists of candidates for the 2019 European elections. His reference to the "passerelle" clause should have been strengthened by a pledge for more enhanced cooperation between Member States.

Moving one step below, thinking about the business world, too many European start-ups fail to grow to become industry leaders and provide economic prosperity back in Europe. Europe needs to support the adoption of digital technologies by traditional businesses.

The idea of progress has been put aside too quickly. Europeans needs to reinvent their innovation frontier. The test and learn approach is at the heart of our European identity. Europe needs "beyonders", people with an inventive mind-set.

Last but not least: citizens. Liberals have been accused of transforming the individual as impartial citizens of nowhere. Inside the ALDE Steering Committee, I will work on renewing our core values by proposing a substantial liberalism, not neutral, with wide (but not unlimited) respect for diversity, and supported by our own canons of principles.

Robert Schliessler

I'm an independent filmmaker. I graduated in 1996 in media, technology and arts with a library commercial, a paper on Virtual Reality in the classroom and a documentary Lady Europe about 8 girls in Europe. I studied psychology for some years as well. So not a man of one trade.

Being a filmmaker will make it easy for me to travel do work for the ALDE Individual Members Steering Committee.

In 2004, I ran in the European elections with the EFA, to get the debate about a Europe of regions going, but nobody cared then. As the chair of the D66 European theme group, I plead for an ALDE IM, because I truly believe in real European parties. I have been a D66 EP candidate, a Team Europe member for the EC and of course an ALDE IM NL coordinator.

I'm very lucky to be a part of #readyforthenextstep SC group, who like me believe if we want to be a real European party, IM should find a way to become the core of the ALDE. Problematic is that we, in the ALDE, don’t all agree on big issues like migration, environment and the future of Europe. To learn how this influences our discussions, I would like to make groups within the ALDE IM who have different views of our European future.