Liberal Agriculture Ministers discuss use of pesticides | ALDE Party

Liberal Agriculture Ministers discuss use of pesticides

AGRIFISH Pre-Council meeting in Brussels

On November 6, liberal Agriculture Ministers met in Brussels ahead of the AGRIFISH Council meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Henrik Bach Mortensen, ALDE Party Vice President, and was co-hosted by Fernand Etgen, Luxembourg’s Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection.

The ministers discussed the Council’s agenda points, including the European Commission’s report on sustainable use of pesticides, sustainable soil management and agricultural issues related to trade.

The ministers underlined the benefits of trade, but stressed the need for balanced trade agreements taking both the needs of the trade and the agricultural sector into account.

Furthermore, the ministers had an in-depth discussion about the report on pesticides and the issue of glyphosate. The ministers noted there has been significant progress in pesticide management, albeit some concerns remain. They agreed that the use of and debate around pesticides look different in different EU member states, and that the way forward needs to be focused on science and on the health of citizens.

List of participants

Henrik Bach Mortensen, ALDE Party Vice President, Denmark


Geoffrey BedoretAdviser responsible for agriculture policy (representing Minister Denis Ducarme), Belgium

Mouvement rĂ©formateur 

Fernand Etgen, Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture & Consumer Protection, Luxembourg

Demokratesch Partei

Jari Leppä, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland