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Liberal International elects new Secretary General

Gordon Mackay MP in Johannesburg

Under the theme "Better governance: Liberal answers to twenty-first century challenges", Liberal International convened from 27 to 29 October for its 199th Executive Committee meeting. Twelve months after the Liberal party of South Africa, the Democratic Alliance (DA), won some of South Africa’s most important cities in nationwide local elections, Liberal International met in DA-governed Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. 

At the opening of the Executive Committee meeting, Liberal International President Juli Minoves said: "The Democratic Alliance is the party that stands for renewal, opportunity and hope." 

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP, who is also Liberal International President of Honour, joined international liberals in Johannesburg and addressed them in a speech on the lessons learnt in Europe on better governance.

During the event, delegates elected a new Secretary General of the global network: Gordon Mackay, a Member of the South African Assembly for Democratic Alliance.

The Liberal International Human Rights Committee, chaired by ALDE Party Vice President Markus Loning, also welcomed new members, including many liberals from ALDE member parties.

Participants also engaged in panel debates on good governance, sustainability and the environment, featuring European Liberals, such as Reform Party leader Hanno Pevkur, LibDems President Sal Brinton, Centerpartiet MP Kerstin Lundgren or SFP MP Anders Adlercreutz.

Delegates also adopted resolutions on freedom of belief, persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya and the rise of authoritarianism in Cambodia.

You can read more highlights on the event in Johannesburg in Liberal International's Facebook page.