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Liberals - the engine of European integration of Moldova

Dick Roche, Mihai Ghimpu and Dorin Chirtoaca
ALDE Party VP Dick Roche, PL Leader Mihai Ghimpu and Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca

On Saturday 15 December, Mihai Ghimpu MP, President of the Liberal Party of Moldova, Corina Fusu MP, Deputy President of the Liberal Party and Elena Prus, President of the Institute for Liberal Studies opened the conference "Liberals - the engine of European integration of Moldova" . Sir Graham Watson MEP, President of the ALDE Party addressed conference participants in a video message. He encouraged Moldova's European integration aim and appreciated the efforts of the MPs and ministers of adjusting the national framework to European standards and values.

The conference brought a series of presentations on the achievements of the Republic of Moldova on its European Integration path, on the prospects and priorities for the next period of time, the implementation of the reform agenda, the experience of the European countries to join the EU etc. Subsequently, there have been a number of debates on these topics, participants noting the expectations of citizens from different regions of Moldova and how they perceive Moldova's European integration.

The president of the Liberal Party, Mihai Ghimpu, referred to legislative reforms implemented by Moldova towards European integration and the backlog that exists in this regard. Ghimpu said that the implemented reform agenda  is moving Moldova steadily towards European integration:"Proof that liberals are the engine of European integration of Moldova is that our party is the author name Alliance for European Integration. In general, everywhere in the world, the liberals are the generators of change, even if the change meets resistance from the population. Without the liberals there wouldn't have been a  Europe of change," said Ghimpu.

ALDE Party Vice President Dick Roche presented the experience of Ireland in the EU integration process, namely communication challenges faced by states and European institutions in times of crisis. Roche referred to how EU membership has affected Ireland's standard of living of the population: "Membership of the EU has been a decisive factor in the development of Ireland. Statistics are eloquent in this regard: significantly increased exports, foreign investments, Ireland gained access to European economic market, a productive workforce and European funds were used efficiently," stated Dick Roche, former Minister of European Affairs of Ireland.

First vice-president of the Liberal Party, General Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, referred to the series of liberal reforms implemented in the capital city administration, their results and the expectations of Chisinau residents. "People need to understand that carrying out these reforms is not an easy path, but a correct one and one that works. Unpopular reforms undertaken in Chisinau will ensure a move forward" concluded Chirtoaca.

Ana Gutu MP, former President of the Moldovan Parliament delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe presented a performance analysis of Moldova's commitments to the Council of Europe, adding that the range of reforms implemented in the 3 years since the Alliance is in power is an argument for the Republic of Moldova to switch to the post-monitoring phase by the Council of Europe. MP Victor Popa, Chairman of the parliamentary commission for rules and immunity, talked about the frame of the law in Moldova and its improvements.

Yabloko Party representative in the Russian Federation, Galina Michaleva, spoke about the relationship between Russia and the EU and about the problems of the post-Soviet countries in the process of EU integration. The Expert of the Foreign Policy Association, Eugen Revenco spoke about the role of civil society in Moldova's European integration.

At the end of the conference, participants adopted the resolution "Moldova's accession to the EU - the only chance for democratization and modernization of the society".

The event was attended by the leadership of the Liberal Party, members of the Parliament of Moldova, representatives of central and local public authorities in various districts of the country. The special guests of the meeting were Vice President Dick Roche Vice President of ALDE, former Irish Minister for European Affairs; Galina Michaleva, leader of Yabloko Party faction Gender in the Russian Federation; Andrey Drevitskiy, Chairman of the Party "National Order" in Ukraine and Peter Lesniak, International Programme Officer, Liberal Democratic Party of Great Britain and Roxana Cimpeanu, Diversity Projects Coordinator, Diversity Unit, Liberal Democrats.