Liberals push marriage equality in Slovenia and Finland | ALDE Party

Liberals push marriage equality in Slovenia and Finland


As of today 1 March, same-sex couples can marry in Slovenia and Finland. This is a great success for liberalism and the fundamental freedoms we work for.

In Slovenia, Liberal Prime Minister Miro Cerar passed this bill. He united all of his Member of the Parliament in the Stranka Modernega Centra (SMC) Party to vote in favour of marriage equality.

The ALDE Party is now even more delighted to be holding its Council meeting in Ljubljana this June!

Further north in Finland, both of our member parties Keskusta and SFP voted for the legislation to introduce same sex marriage.

In both Slovenia and Finland we are looking forward to hearing about the first same-sex marriage ceremonies. But our work on fighting for this fundamental freedom of marriage equality does not stop here. We still have 6 EU member states that need to catch up with the rest of Europe and introduce marriage equality or civil unions. This is too many and liberals will be leading the fight to see this change.

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