Meet the elected individual members for Congress delegates | ALDE Party

Meet the elected individual members for Congress delegates

Elected individual members for Congress and Council delegates

At the end of July and beginning of August, ALDE Party's individual members had the chance to elect their three delegates for the ALDE Party Congress 2017 -to be held from 1-3 December in Amsterdam- and their Council delegate.

After an intense campaign and a great exchange of ideas on how to further develop individual membership as well as the European Union and how to promote freedom and democracy across our content, members chose Francesca Mercanti from Italy, Amélie Pans from Belgium and Wolf Achim Wiegand from Germany as their Congress delegates. Steering committee member Chris Pyak was elected as the Council delegate.

The candidates shared their motivations to be elected as delegates.

Francesca Mercanti: "As national coordinator in Italy since December 2015, I have been working to enlarge our number and to give Italian liberalism a chance. As a European federalist, liberal democrat and feminist, I am glad to have the opportunity to represent Alde IMs in Amsterdam ."

Amélie Pans: "For more than a year I have been the coordinator of Belgian members. Europe is the most beautiful political idea ever realised. We must continue to promote it through liberal values. The opportunity to be heard during the Congress is important. It shows that individual members engage in the debate."

Wolf Achim Wiegand: "Europe is challenged. The EU needs to restart and Liberals can do it best. It would be an honour to promote individual member's ideas at the ALDE Party Congress. You can count on my knowledge and skills as an IM Country Coordinator."

Chris Pyak: "As a member of the steering committee, I ran as a Council member in order to push our strategy and empower all members. One of my goals is to change the statutes of ALDE Party and get individual members recognised as an official element of the party."