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Norwegian Venstre holds post-election Congress

Venstre leader Trine Skei Grande

Last weekend from 20 to 22 October ALDE member party Venstre held their autumn Congress in Oslo, which was their first large event since last September's elections in Norway, where Venstre obtained 4.3% of the vote.

Venstre's party leader Trine Skei Grande MP officially opened the Congress with some words on the election results: "We now have our team ready in the Storting, the job starts now!"

"The best thing about Norway is that our society is characterised by small differences, there is equality and equal opportunities for everyone. However, it is always possible to be better, even in one of the world's richest countries and even in the country's best party," she added.

Watch the leader's speech here:

During the Congress, Venstre adopted resolutions on different subjects, such as the United Nations' ban on nuclear weapons or the importance of having qualified teachers in schools.

The ALDE Party was also present during Venstre's Congress with a stand explaining the work of European Liberals and Democrats and encouraging participants to become ALDE Party Individual Members.

Besides, the individual members country coordinator for Norway submitted a political project to the ALDE Party ahead of the conference. We were extremely pleased that our Bureau approved this project resulting in the ALDE Party secretariat working together with the country coordinator to deliver a presentation about the aims and activities of the ALDE Party. We were delighted that participants feedback indicated that this information session was useful to them, and we are very happy to welcome 22 new individual members to the ALDE Party as a result of this weekend.

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