Pyak present at founding of new liberal organisation | ALDE Party

Pyak present at founding of new liberal organisation


Individual members Steering Committee member Chris Pyak represented ALDE Party's Individual Members at the founding meeting of the "Progressive Liberals" a new group which aims to hold liberal politicians accountable to implement their progressive proposals for an open society. Commenting on the establishment of the new group Chris Pyak said: "ALDE Party Individual Members and the Progressive Liberale share a strong commitment to a European Union that puts its citizen in charge. Together we will remind German FDP to honor its election promise of pan-European lists for the European Parliament."

The first topic discussed at the event was the question of how to involve more women in politics. Chris Pyak said that the participants agreed that: "The first goal of Progressive Liberals should be to add at least 7 women to this picture". Pyak shared ALDE Party IM's approach to gender equality. The current Steering Committee is actively engaging women to participate in the political process and encourages all new members to bring another member of the opposite sex along.