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Re-Animate Europe: And the winner is...

Finalists of 2017 "Animate Europe" competition

Excitement was in the air right before the winner of the third international comic competition “Animate Europe”, organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), was announced at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum. Magdalena Kaszuba received the first prize for her comic “The Old Lady Gives No Answer.” Kaszuba, a student from Hamburg, Germany, was surprised and overwhelmed to be chosen as the winner of the competition.

Jordana Globerman from Canada became second with her story “My Uncle’s Dream” and Štěpanká Jislová was awarded the third price for her guidebook-style story “How to Save the World.”

The jury didn’t have an easy decision to make between the works of our seven finalists. In the end, Magdalena Kaszuba’s comic story convinced them with its personal approach and distinct artistic style: she does not explicitly tell, but rather graphically shows potential means of how to re-animate Europe.

During the ceremony, Dr. Wolf-Dieter Zumpfort, board member of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, described the various challenges Europe is currently facing and why it is necessary to actively engage, also as citizens, in re-animating Europe: “Just as our artists did!

Gesine Meißner, member of the European Parliament for the ALDE Group, added an optimistic view into a future with a strong Europe despite past and current challenges.

After the official ceremony, artists, speakers and guests took the chance to discover the original artwork, which was exhibited at the museum and discuss and exchange about the future of Europe.

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Reported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom