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Rebuilding trust in government with bottom-up local policies

Klaas Kielstra, Bart Somers, Boris Koprivnikar and Andreja Potocnik (from left to right)

On the fringe of the ALDE Party Council meeting in Ljubljana, members of the ALDE Group of the European Committee of the Regions (ALDE-CoR) took the chance to have a delegation meeting. Their gathering started with a seminar on public administration and bottom-up policy making, hosted by Andreja Potocnik, Member of the of Tržič Council and ALDE CoR-member, and chaired by ALDE-CoR President Bart Somers. The seminar explored ways to find out how to make public administration more inclusive by enhancing cooperation between various levels of the society.

Boris KoprivnikarSlovenian Minister of Public Administration, delivered the keynote speech, sharing Slovenian experiences and highlighted the need to adapt the public administration to the digital age. He added that the government should create partnerships with civil society and businesses to make policy making more efficient and better equipped to the complex environment we live in.

In line with this, ALDE-CoR member Klaas Kielstra, regional Minister of Friesland, stressed the importance of bottom-up policy making with examples from his home region, taking into account a strong community sense, involving people to make the region stronger for instance in wind energy projects, which resulted in citizens displaying pride during opening ceremonies of new projects.

During the ALDE Party Council, the ALDE-CoR delegation also visited Trbolvje, the city of ALDE-CoR member and Mayor Jasna Gabric to see first-hand how reconversion can create a new dynamic and bring old industries back to life. During their study visit, the delegation visited DEWESoft, a company developing measuring instruments for space vehicles, and Katapult, an intensive and practically oriented programme for start-up companies.

These companies and their approach prove that old industry towns can come back to life with creative and innovative approaches, which are core liberal values.

Source: ALDE Group in the European Committee of the Regions