Ros Scott: "Crises bring new opportunities" | ALDE Party

Ros Scott: "Crises bring new opportunities"

Ros Scott during her speech in Timisoara

On Saturday 25 November, ALDE Party Vice President Ros Scott travelled to Timisoara, Romania, to participate in the conference "The Future of Europe is the Future of Romania" hosted by the new Romanian party Uniunea Salvați România (Save Romania Union).

While the morning sessions conceptually outlined how the EU works and how it is structured, the afternoon sessions consisted of speeches from visitors who then took part in a panel discussion together with Dan Barna, Uniunea Salvați România‘s President.
Apart from Ros Scott, the panellists were André Gattolin, an En Marche member of the French Senate, and Vula Tsetsi, Secretary General of the Greens/European Free Alliance Group.

Addressing the crowd, Scott outlined a liberal vision for Europe and for the European Union, expressing her sense of anger that, at a time when countries are seeking to collaborate in regional blocs, the United Kingdom seems determined to go it alone.

She emphasised the importance of a liberal approach to the issues that the EU is facing today, such as migration, international terrorism and populism.

She concluded with a call to arms: "Crises bring new opportunities. So, reject the sapping politics of pessimism and the dream stealers who tell you that nothing can be done. Remember that it is too easy to heckle from the sidelines — step up yourself and create a new politics of optimism."

Reflecting on her visit, the ALDE Party Vice President said that it was interesting to see how a group of young activists with little previous political experience were keen to put their political thinking into the context of wider European activism.

At the end of the event, a resolution was also adopted, and the first point stands out for its directness of purpose: "We firmly believe that our place is in the midst of the family of European states, at the heart of the discussions on the future of the EU and as an active part in the processes and transformations that bring an “ever closer union.” Romania is Europe, and Romanians are European citizens, who must benefit both from socio-economic opportunities and from the advanced values and active citizenship that this status entails."