Series: Meet the Belgian Individual Members country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: Meet the Belgian Individual Members country coordinator


Amélie Pans is the country coordinator of Belgium, a community of 395 individual members. She is strongly engaged in politics and involved in EU issues. In her life, she is a policy adviser and today she dedicated her time to talk about her motivations of joining the individual members’ family.

Her motivation to become country coordinator: "For me becoming a coordinator was a way to bring my contribution to a better-known Europe and sharing the liberal values as: individual freedom, individual responsibility, personal independence and the respect for all individual rights."

Highlights of Belgian individual members' activities in 2017:

"In January, during a round table, Belgian individual members met with Greek country coordinator, Katerina Polyzou. We discussed the state of play of Greece from a liberal perspective. On 24 June, we will have a visit of the Belgian Federal parliament with a Belgian MP. In the autumn, we plan to set up a big conference on the topic of mobility and transport."

Her ambition for individual members: "Having the opportunity to be an individual member is a great chance for the EU citizens. Thanks to the ALDE party, which is the only that allows us to raise our voice in the EU debate."

Her vision of Europe: "My vision is a strong and peaceful Europe where all citizens live in freedom according to their values. It would also be a Europe where the Member States would ultimately decide to leave a part of their sovereignty for more social and political Europe."