Series: Meet the Bosnian and Herzegovina Individual members country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: Meet the Bosnian and Herzegovina Individual members country coordinator


This week is the turn of Darjan Minov, the country coordinator of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to introduce himself and to share his motivation with us!

Darjan is a project manager, coordinator, and assistant for various NGO's with experience that ranges from local activities and events to various regional and international programs regarding liberty, justice, and education. He was a member of the Board of Nasa Stranka and a candidate as well as local party leader in 2014. Darjan worked as a producer, director, and actor in several theatres plays, some of which were featured in regional festivals and was a radio show host. He often writes on recent political and social issues and is a strong advocate of free markets, individualism, and limited government. During his education, Darjan attended a training in project management, marketing, politics, and entrepreneurship. Darjan graduated from Atlas Network Leadership Academy in 2017 and he is president of the Liberal Forum, a pro-liberty free market think-tank based in Sarajevo. 

His motivation to become a coordinator: "I saw an opportunity and seized it. ALDE Party was not present at the time in my country and liberal ideas were often ridiculed and endangered by collectivists and both the radical left and radical right. That was my core motivation: to bring ALDE Party closer to Bosnians and Herzegovinians to let them understand the core liberal values and the reason why they are important in our lives.
His plan to activate individual membership: Almost two years ago, things have changed and ALDE presence rose. We have ALDE Party member parties and individual members start to gain popularity and visibility. We established presence and cooperation with important organizations and individuals. These were our major activities. We try to build a team of local activists to create programs and activities for members to engage. We discuss issues in an open and fair debate, and we make friendships with student and youth organizations."

Highlights of Bosnian and Herzegovinian individual members' activities in 2017: "We will hopefully organize a series of events discussing future of our country in a creative way. We also plan to participate in organizing Open Festival, largest freedom festival in Europe and to attend events organized by our friends. We will become more active in writing articles for members’ blog and will do more to promote Individual members online.
- His ambition for individual members: ALDE Party Individual Members must become a “Party within a Party” – a forum and an organizational format for anyone who doesn’t necessarily wish to identify himself or herself with certain national party but shares vision and ideas about Europe. We must have a more structured organization and hopefully larger budget for ideas and projects. ALDE Party Individual Members will be “the voice of the people”, keeping checks and balancing power between Party, EP group, and national parties."

His vision of Europe: "Europe is a place of diversity, common history, and struggles. It is also a place of innovation, not burdened by regulation or taxation. It is a place of free association, free movement, free individuals, and free companies. It is a Union of individual citizens and countries with shared and devolved power but a common vision to be a place of liberty, free market, free property, equal opportunities, and tolerance. It is not a place for coercion, government intervention or crippling welfare policies. Here, everyone can happily do whatever they want, earn their money without it being forcibly taken by the state, and enjoy a happy life with their freedom, property, and life protected by states and the Union -  friend, guide, vision and purpose."