Series: meet the individual members' coordinator for Southern Germany | ALDE Party

Series: meet the individual members' coordinator for Southern Germany

Sven Gossel

Sven Gossel is the regional coordinator of the ALDE Party individual members in Southern of Germany. Already an FDP member, Sven decided to join the ALDE Party family and to coordinate the members in Germany locally. Today, he shares his motivations with us.
Speaking about what will be the highlights of 2017, he said: "The first meetings will be a set of resolution proposals for the ALDE congress in November 2017."

His motivation to become a country coordinator: "I am active within the European Movement ever since I can think of my political activities. Since being a member of the FDP in Germany, I have again focused on international politics and the challenges that our continent must face within the next decade. I believe, I can best serve this purpose by building the awareness of the current situation and finding a common ground where it can be possible to find solutions to the new challenges."

His plan to activate individual membership: "We are planning to have quarterly gatherings of ALDE individual members together with members of the ALDE parties in Europe living abroad. Our first meeting will most likely be in July already where we plan to discuss pathways to overcome the current doubts of many citizens within the EU and to better serve their interests with the tools we are able to us."

His ambition for Individual Members:  "ALDE has been appointed to be a political party as of May 2017., Therefore, we need to bring the individual members closer to the members of the EP and the ALDE Party activities in Brussels, using them as multipliers for their day-to-day discussion with other citizens and enable them to communicate EP and ALDE activities towards the people in Europe."

His vision for Europe:  "A continent, in which nobody would never ever have to hide again in wheelbarrows filled with haystacks crossing rivers or demarcation lines, as my grandfather had to do it. Never ever to count people again dying of missing drugs or having to flee because of their political conviction, race or religious orientation. A place, where everyone can find education, happiness and pride to run their own life. My vision is a continent of human dignity. And as we look onto Europe today, nothing seems for granted. Only a further integrated EU with a parliament having all the rights of a democratic representation of the people may serve that purpose well."