Series: Meet the Individual Members Portuguese country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: Meet the Individual Members Portuguese country coordinator

Luis Menezes, Portuguese country coordinator

This week it is the turn of Luis Menezes, the ALDE Party Individual Members country coordinator of Portugal, a community formed by 68 members.

The main highlight of the 2017 activities of Individual Members in Portugal will be to build a local website, which requires still some work and will be launched later this year.

His motivation:I wanted to be active in spreading ALDE values in Portugal. The position was vacant after one of the colleagues resigned and I applied for it. Nevertheless, I would work for ALDE Individual Members even if I wouldn't be a coordinator."

His plan to activate individual membership: "So far, we have engaged in doing some events about European and national themes, from Trump to Portuguese social security system. Those events are also open to non-Individual Members and we hope to attract people by the content and then introduce them to ALDE's work and values"

"I believe that thanks to our efforts, and due to the European and national political scenario, we have seen 3 liberal political movements emerging in the last 6 months, all wanting to become parties. Competition is always healthy but we must not let it become a reason to disintegration of our small liberal community.”

His vision for Europe: "I think "liberty, equality, fraternity" is still the best ideal we can reach, if we also include in that concept the ideals of peace and prosperity.”

Looking into the future, Menezes added: "I hope ALDE Party IMs can grow and become a stronger incubator of new ideas, new leaders and a new European unity."