Series: Meet the Swedish Individual Members country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: Meet the Swedish Individual Members country coordinator

Eva Christina Andersson, Swedish country coordinator

This week it is the turn of Eva Christina Andersson, the ALDE Party Individual Members country coordinator of Sweden, a community formed by 78 members.

Andersson was born in Sweden but lived abroad for many years while taking part in several initiatives on social affairs and citizens' rights. Having recently being appointed as Swedish country coordinator, her aim is to increase the participation of individual members by organising conferences, events and campaigns.

Her motivation: “To become a coordinator for ALDE Party enables me to have the possibility to have an impact on several issues which I do believe of a huge importance today. I think it is important to combat racism and right-wing groups to be able to live in a more tolerant society. Moreover, there is a strong need to fight for freedom of press and speech, which are in danger in Sweden as a new law has been adopted and will be implemented on 1 January 2019. Many other issues such as peace and security, the fight for a sustainable planet and a relevant healthcare reform are also issues I care about."

Her vision for ALDE Party Individual members: “To connect with each other and grow to be able to shape the Europe we want.”

Her vision for Europe: "United we must stand, with open borders but under a strong and trustful leadership. To create a new Europe with brand new values, where humanity is put first.”