Series: Meet the Ukrainian Individual Members country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: Meet the Ukrainian Individual Members country coordinator

Stanislav Zozulla, Ukrainian country coordinator

Stanislav Zozulla is the first country coordinator in Ukraine, a small community of individual members which will grow thanks to the strong commitment and enthusiasm of the young Stanislav.

His motivation to become a coordinator: "Politics in Ukraine has very few of the classical ideologies because populism dominates. That is why I think it is time to start a liberal movement. I believe that everything should start from the ground so uniting individuals in the ALDE Party individual section is a right start for something bigger."

His plan to activate individual membership in Ukraine: "Firstly, I plan to reactive those members who have used to be active at some point in previous ALDE activities but are now inactive; secondly, I would like to start a campaign of promoting liberalism and the ALDE Party in Ukraine."

What main activities do you plan to organise in 2017?: "I think that work should be done on different fields. From informal meetings and conferences to online engagement and direct action in the streets. For example, we should be part of the LGBT Pride march to support people’s civil rights and we should also promote free market decisions in Ukraine's economy."

His vision for Europe: "I believe in a free and united Europe, a Europe that focuses on the four freedoms that protect our individual freedom while preserving economic liberty. I believe in a family of European nations with direct democracy and less bureaucracy in which my country, Ukraine, has its membership and place."

Finally, Stanislav concluded: "ALDE Party individual membership is a great option for creating and supporting liberal-minded individuals that for any reasons can’t find themselves identified in national parties."