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Successful launch of ALDE-CoR’s 1st Young Elected Leaders Summit

Participants of ALDE-CoR’s 1st Young Elected Leaders Summit

Young local and regional elected politicians of the ALDE family gathered in Brussels on Monday 28 August to exchange experiences, learn about new economic models and their opportunities for jobs and to learn how the Belgian liberal parties prepare for the 2018 local elections. The Summit was organised by the ALDE Group in the European Committee of the Regions (ALDE-CoR) in collaboration with LYMEC and Young Democrats for Europe and chaired by ALDE-CoR President Bart Somers.

Commenting on the event Bart Somers said: "This summit is another grassroots movement we are developing, besides our Liberal Mayors Summit; with this initiative we’re creating a platform for the young liberal talents of the future where they can work and discuss about Europe, bringing their fresh and ambitious ideas from the local level to re-energise Europe."

Queeny-Aimée Rajkowski, a young politician from the Dutch party VVD, said: "Being a politician is not only about speaking and telling what you think; it’s really about listening so I’m glad I can listen to all the other participants’ great ideas and I hope to take some of these back home to the Netherlands."

LYMEC's Secretary General Danica Vihinen added: "Most of our members are elected at the local level; the issues that they face are not very different across Europe so it is important to bring them together, to discuss challenges and successes while also learning from other local councilors who are member of the ALDE Group in the European Committee of the Regions."
Workshops focused on opportunities and jobs that new economic models can bring, with one session focused on unlocking the potential of the decarbonised economy and another on unlocking the potential of the sharing economy.

Bart Somers also enabled a visit for the young representatives to the headquarters of his party the Open VLD, the Flemish liberals, where Laure Stuyck (Open VLD's spokesperson), Philippe Heyvaert (Open VLD's coordinator for local parties) and Latifa Ait-Baala (Vice President of MR International from MR) explained how they are preparing for the upcoming Belgian local elections of October 2018.

Several young leaders were interested in the platforms and techniques these parties use and are keen to apply these findings in their own countries and constituencies.

Reported by ALDE-CoR