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2012 Liberal Eyes n°21 - 23/05/12

Time to call a Convention on the Eurozone
“The crisis in the Eurozone has convulsed the EU and shaken the confidence of Governments and citizens alike,” says ELDR Vice President Dick Roche.
Orlando elected mayor of Palermo
The results of the second round of mayoral elections in Italy last weekend were an outstanding success for ELDR Vice-President Leoluca Orlando MP.
Liberals condemn socialists for accepting hate crime
Only days after the parliamentary elections in Armenia on 6 May 2012, a homemade bomb targeted a bar, called “DIY,” which is seen as a haven for “free thinkers” and welcomes the often-shunned gay community of Yerevan.
New ELDR website
We’re proud to launch our new website: it’s now up-to-date with all the social media tools and is optimised for the use of mobile devices. Content wise, there’s more space now for us to share what we stand for on various policy issues.
Eurovision's dirty secrets
"A country that resorts to brutal force and violently clamps down on its youth, the future insurance of a country, has politically and morally surrendered", says Sir Graham Watson MEP, President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR).
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