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2012 Liberal Eyes n°29 - 18/07/12

Romania to restore European confidence on the respect of the rule of law
The European Commission has today published a report on the state of the justice system and rule of law in Bulgaria and - critically, given the events of the last few weeks - Romania. Following its publication, President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform (ELDR) party Sir Graham Watson MEP said: "...
Liberal Eyes on holiday
The ELDR Newsletter Liberal Eyes will be on a short summer break. You'll receive the next edition on Wednesday 22 August. The ELDR secretariat wishes you a great holiday!
Energy Transition Seminar. Are EU targets achievable?
On the 12th of July, CDL (Centro Democrático Liberal) and ELDR organized a joint seminar on the ELDR’s focus theme for 2012 – Energy Transition. The event took place at the Renewable Energy House in Brussels.
Women's issues are a priority in the political agenda of Italia dei Valori
Italia dei Valori, together with the association Arpa, recently published its report on the activities in favour of women’s rights in the framework of the United Nations’ CEDAW platform (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women).
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