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2012 Liberal Eyes n°39 - 26/09/12

Dutch parliament elects new President
On Tuesday, Dutch liberal MP Anouchka van Miltenburg was elected as the new President of the Tweede Kamer,  the lower house of the Dutch Parliament. Before, Van Miltenburg was Deputy leader of the VVD parliamentary group.
Associate member elected Congress delegate
Declan Harmon from Dublin, Ireland, emerged as the winner in the election for the Associate members delegate to the ELDR Congress 2012.
Lib Dem Congress - Fairer tax in tough times
On Saturday, British Liberal Democrats assembled in Brighton at their annual Autumn Conference under the slogan of 'Fairer tax in tough times'.
Liberalism in Central Europe
On Monday 23 September, the ELDR Party teamed up with the Institute for Public Affairs (Inštitut pre verejné otázky) to arrange a full-day conference in the Slovak capital discussing liberal principles and future prospects of liberal parties in Slovakia and the broa
Liberal Academy on the Future of Europe
Last week, students from across Europe participated in the third annual Liberal Academy - organized by ELDR - to discuss their visions and ideas of the future European Union.
Catalonia will go to polls on 25 November
Catalonia celebrated its national day on 11 September, staging a massive 1.5 million-people rally in the capital of Barcelona asking for self-determination. Following the Spanish Prime Minister’s rejection of Catalonia's President Artur Mas’ call for fiscal independence, Mas deci
Liberal Youth ordered to leave Belarus
On 18 September 2012, eight members of the worldwide federation of Liberal Youth, IFLRY, attending an educational event in Mogilev, Belarus, were detained by the police. The next day the group was ordered to leave the Belarusian territory within 24 hours.

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