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2014 Liberal Eyes n°46 - 19/11/14

How to follow the ALDE Party Congress in Lisbon?
On Friday, the ALDE Party Congress 2014 will be officially opened in Lisbon, Portugal. You can follow the Congress via our website and our various social media such as Twitter for breaking news, Facebook for comprehensive updates or Instagram to have a sneak peek behind the scenes. #ALDECongress
Install today! ALDE Party smartphone app for Lisbon Congress
We are proud to launch the ALDE Party Congress 2014 application for smartphones and tablets. Available for both Android and iOS, the features of the application have been designed to help you have a smooth Congress experience.
Romanian MEP Renate Weber has re-joined ALDE Group
Commenting her return to the ALDE Group, Weber said that now the Romanian Presidential elections are over "I need to make sure that during this mandate, I will perform in full accordance with my own background and identity."
ALDE Party Vice President: 'deeply concerned about the developments in Hungary'
On Thursday, ALDE Party Vice President Lousewies van der Laan spoke during a cross-party panel discussion in Budapest, Hungary on the subject of ‘Euroskepticism, radicalism, illiberal democracy - Is a special Hungarian model emerging?’

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