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2015 Liberal Eyes n°12 - 25/03/15

Liberals from around Europe and the world gather in Oxford
Delegates and liberals from around Europe and the world gathered in Oxford, UK for a weekend of liberal reflection with a seminar on 'Liberalism in the 21st Century’ and the first in a series of ‘reclaiming liberalism’ workshops on the theme ‘shaping a modern liberal approach to immigration’.
ALDE Party VP participates in Women in Parliaments Summit
This week, ALDE Party Vice President Angelika Mlinar MEP participated in the Women in Parliaments Annual Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she signed a Call to action for Gender Equality. She also expressed her views on how to end harmful traditional practices on women and pledged support to fight them.
Dutch liberal parties are in the lead in provincial elections
Last week, our Dutch member parties obtained a victory in provincial elections. VVD of Prime Minister Mark Rutte remains the number one party in the country, while D66 of Alexander Pechtold makes a great advance, with gains in all provinces and doubles in the Senate.
Economic growth unites young Liberals in Warsaw
Last weekend, around 30 members of LYMEC and other ELF-affiliated organisations came to Warsaw to exchange views on how to tackle regional disparities by promoting growth based on innovation, private investment and trade.
Reminder: Dutch individual members to meet on occasion of ALDE Party anniversary
Steering committee chair Julie Cantalou will visit The Netherlands on Thursday 26 March. She will discuss with individual members the different expressions of liberalism throughout Europe as well as the role of individuals in the ALDE Party. Individual members are kindly invited.
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