Issue n°26 - 5 July 2017 | ALDE Party

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Issue n°26 - 5 July 2017

Jüri Ratas presents priorities of Estonian EU Presidency
Since 1 July, Estonia holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Today, ALDE Prime Minister Jüri Ratas presented the priorities of the Estonian EU Presidency in the European Parliament: "Our Presidency is prioritising the creation of an innovative European social market economy."
Passing of Simone Veil
With great sorrow ALDE Party has learnt of the passing of Simone Veil. ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP paid tribute to Veil: “She was one of the icons in the history of European integration. As a survivor of the Holocaust, she embodied the resilience of European values of human dignity and freedom."
ALDE Party President addresses 2nd International Liberal Symposium
On Saturday 1 July Swiss ALDE Party member FDP The Liberals hosted the 2nd International Liberal Symposium to discuss some of the pressing challenges of our time. ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said: "The origin is not as important as the future. Populists have no solutions to today's problems."
Individual members: After work meeting in Brussels 6 July
Individual members are kindly invited to join us on Thursday 6 July at 18h00 at ALDE Party HQ, where country coordinator for Belgium Amélie Pans and individual members trainee Elsa Pacella would like to hear your ideas on the vision and mission of ALDE Party individual members.

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