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Issue n°37 - 25 October 2017

Prime Ministers meet ahead of Council Summit
Liberal Prime Ministers and European Commissioners met in Brussels on Thursday 19 October ahead of the European Council Summit of the same day. Crucial topics were discussed such as migration and the Common European Asylum System, Digital Single Market, the state of play of Brexit negotiations.
Invitation: a talk with Margrethe Vestager
Women in power – the new role of women in politics: a talk with Margrethe Vestager. ALDE Party’s individual members are honoured to welcome European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to join them for a talk in Lisbon, Portugal, on Monday 6 November. You and your friends are kindly invited to join the event.
Norwegian Venstre holds post-election Congress
Last weekend ALDE member party Venstre held their autumn Congress in Oslo, which was their first large event since last September's elections in Norway. Addressing the Congress, party leader Trine Skei Grande MP said: "We now have our team ready in the Storting, the job starts now!"
Secretariat welcomes new Events Officer
The ALDE Party Secretariat is delighted to welcome Edita Jatulyte from Lithuania as the new ALDE Party's Events Officer. "I am very excited to join the ALDE team and contribute to their work in building a stronger and more liberal Europe," she said on her first day at the office.

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