25 Nov, 2019

Nowoczesna elects a new leader

On 24 November, ALDE member in Poland, Nowoczesna, elected a new party leader following the resignation of Katarzyna Lubnauer.

At the party’s Council in Warsaw, the now-former Secretary General Adam Szłapka became the new leader after securing 66 votes against 41 votes from the party’s delegates. Following the results, Szłapka stressed out the necessity of a “Nowoczesna restart” in order to redefine the party and fight for Nowoczesna’s values now more than ever.

“We have our values, we have our vision, we have our answer to PiS's abnormality. This answer is: freedom, openness, self-governance, man always comes first", he emphasized after getting elected. The full speech (in Polish) can be seen here.

After two years of leadership, Katarzyna Lubnauer resigned as party leader on 23 November due to the bad results in the general elections that took place in October of this year. While in power, she led the alliance with Civic Platform (PO) to form the Civic Coalition that today is the second force in Poland.

“The truth is that we managed to survive the most difficult time, that we have representation in local governments and in the Sejm, but we lost the European and parliamentary elections as a party and as a coalition," Lubnauer stated in her farewell speech.

The full speech (in Polish) can be found here.


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