17 Oct, 2023

Nowoczesna win six seats in Polish elections

On 15 October, Poland held parliamentary elections to elect all members of the Sejm and Senate. 

ALDE Party member Nowoczesna ran as part of the Civic Coalition alliance, which was confirmed as the second-biggest political force in Poland with 30.7% of the popular vote. 

This is an improvement from the 2019 parliamentary elections, where the alliance won 134 seats with 27.4% of the vote. 

The result means that the Civic Coalition will take 157 MPs into the Sejm, six of which will be held by Nowoczesna members: party leader Adam Szłapka, Monika Rosa, Barbara Dolniak, Katarzyna Lubnauer, Witold Zembaczyński and Jolanta Niezgodzka. 

Depending on the outcome of coalition negotiations, Poland may see a change from the current national-conservative government to a pro-European force including strong liberal representation. 

Nowoczesna party leader Adam Szłapka led the Civic Coalition to its best-ever vote share in Poznań, personally receiving 149,064 votes (25%) as its lead candidate and being re-elected to the Sejm. 

“This result is breathtaking. It is an expression of trust, but also a huge commitment. I am grateful to the voters and the whole team that worked with me. This is also their success,” said Szłapka. 

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