09 Nov, 2018

Opening Ceremony of the Party Congress in Madrid

Ethan Arsht

The Congress was officially opened on Friday 8 November at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel in Madrid with inspiring speeches from personalities from the European liberal and democrat family.

See below the list of speakers and some of their best quotes found on Twitter. Missed the event? Watch again all the speeches below the tweets:

.@hansvanbaalen: “@CiudadanosCs is a party that is transforming Spain and Europe.” #ALDEcongress pic.twitter.com/KhwnCuaCmX

The European elections in 2019 will be the ultimate fight to safeguard Europe’s soul. Tolerance against xenophobia. Openness against protectionism. A Europe of the citizens against a Europe of nationalists & populists. #EP2019 #ALDECongress pic.twitter.com/zlHpjmcsll

.@Albert_Rivera: “We’re going to the polls next year #EP2019 to choose the kind of Europe we want. Citizens want a Europe that works and we must make it possible” #ALDEcongress pic.twitter.com/BseGXvO8UN

.@AstridPanosyan: “ALDE is the base with which @enmarchefr wants to work together for a better Europe” #ALDEcongress #LaREM pic.twitter.com/liP5meCGCH

.@vestager: “For many Europe is an unfulfilled promise. That’s why Europe is a promise that needs to be renewed! We need a Europe that will not only protect us, but will also challenge us with new opportunities” #ALDEcongress pic.twitter.com/Oo10lHC0hd

Liberals have always stood for increasing our citizens’ freedoms and opportunities. We stand for making life more enjoyable in our shared European space, rather than promoting isolated existence in separate corners. #ALDEcongress pic.twitter.com/u8I1xoTBnO

.@larsloekke: “The #EuropeanUnion gives us freedom of movement which is very close to my heart. My country, Denmark, has gained all its prosperity from trade with the world” #ALDEcongress pic.twitter.com/h5dj8dC6yD

European liberals have in common the understanding that we put people first. We believe that people are capable of doing great things & that our role, the role of government and parliament is to provide a fair, level playing field. And that #justice is for everyone. #ALDECongress pic.twitter.com/FSdhifmjrF

.@sarecmarjan: “I am proud to be one of the 8 ALDE Prime Ministers of the @EUCouncil, part of a team with a positive discourse” #ALDEcongress pic.twitter.com/EjciT0dmuB

"I believe that it is time for a liberal woman to lead our Union. What about you?" Read my full speech at #ALDECongress @ALDEParty #Iameuropean
https://t.co/KGEyFw1h3Y pic.twitter.com/Q3Yfb2NW8D

Missed the event? Watch again below all the speeches:


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