Petras Auštrevičius

Flag Lithuania
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Liberalų Sąjūdis 
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Field of expertise: Foreign Affairs

Born on May 16, 1963, Auštrevičius started working at the Lithuanian Institute of Economics after graduating from the Faculty of Economics of Vilnius University.

In 1991, he started working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as a senior specialist. 

In 1992, he went to Stanford University Hoover Institute to study diplomacy. After studying in America, he started working as head of the Northern European countries department of the MFA. He was later entrusted with the establishment of an embassy in Finland. In 1994, after the establishment of the Lithuanian Embassy in Finland, he became the youngest ambassador.  

In 1998, he took up the position of Foreign Policy Adviser to the Lithuanian Prime Minister. He created a European Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and became the main coordinator of preparations for membership of the European Union. In 1999, after the resignation of the then Prime Minister, he started working as Chancellor of the Government. 

In 2001, he became the Director-General of the European Committee and the chief negotiator in the negotiations on Lithuania's membership of the European Union. In January 2004, he was appointed Deputy Chancellor for EU Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. 

In 2004 he stood as a candidate in the elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and was elected in the Old Town constituency of Vilnius. He worked in the Seimas for almost ten years (2004-2014), almost two and a half terms. He has worked for the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on European Affairs.  

In 2006, together with like-minded people, he founded the Liberal Movement of the Republic of Lithuania and became the first chairman of the party. 

In 2014 he was elected for the first time as an MEP and he was awarded the "2018 MEP" award. In 2019 he won a second term.  

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