09 Apr, 2019

Poland’s European coalition kicks-off EP2019 Campaign

Last week, the leaders of the parties that form the European coalition in Poland – Civic Platform (PO), ALDE member party Nowoczesna, Polish People’s party (PSL), Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and Greens – signed a 10-point programme declaration for the European elections in May. The programme includes topics such as funds for citizens and local governments, equality of living standards, common security, youth, clean air and affordable energy.

The coalition presented their slogan for the elections ‘The Future of Poland: the Great Choice’ (Przyszłość Polski - wielki wybór) and on 6 April, the campaign kick-off took place in the city of Gdansk. During the event, the parties presented their candidates for the elections.

Nowoczesna nominated eight candidates for different regions including Paweł Pudłowski for Warsaw, Krzysztof Mieszkowski for the Lower Silesia and the Opole Province, and Ewa Leider for Pomerania.

During the event, Katarzyna Lubnauer, Party leader of Nowoczesna, stressed the importance of Europe saying, “There is no Europe without Poland. But there is also no Poland without Europe”.

She also underlined that the European values are core in the coalition’s framework of action: “The European Coalition is a strong force of diversity, it is strong thanks to the responsibility of all its members for Poland. The European Coalition is a new quality in politics resulting from the skills of its leaders to connect. The European Coalition is the hope of many Poles for a better Poland, for Poland's strong position in the EU, for EU money, but above all for modern European values.”


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