01 Feb, 2022

Italian President Mattarella gets re-elected

After eight rounds of voting, 1,009 Italian Parliamentarians and regional representatives finally elected its President, Sergio Mattarella (80). Mattarella received 759 out of 1,009 votes even though he announced previously that he would stop after his first term as President. His steady leadership during recent crises made him the perfect candidate as Italy’s state leader according to different parties across the spectrum.

ALDE Party member Più Europa (More Europe) and Azzione (Action) congratulated the re-elected Italian President for his second term, but expressed that Mattarella’s election was a result of the “failure of the center-right and center-left to find an agreement capable of overcoming mutual vetoes”, says Italian Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and Più Europa party leader Benedetto Della Vedova in a press statement.

Più Europa supported Marta Cartabia, Minister of Justice, as candidate to become the first female President of Italy throughout the campaign, but she was not able to consolidate a majority. Mattarella is seen as a consensus candidate who can keep stability and continuity in the Italian political scene.

We thank Mattarella and wish him all the best: his sense of responsibility and loyalty towards the republican institutions for which he accepted the re-election, his quality as a rigorous guarantor of the Italian Constitution and as a genuine pro-European will be useful to the country and to Europe in the difficult times we live in and which require safe leaders”, says Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Benedetto Della Vedova.

Photo credit: Tia Dufour, White House 2019.

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