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ALDE Party press release

At the ALDE Party Congress in Budapest delegates have adopted a number of resolutions, including a strong statement in the light of the attacks in Paris. The following is adopted:

"On the night of 13 November 2015 all Europeans watched in shock and powerless a terrorist attack in the heart of Europe, assassinating 130 and injuring 340 innocents. ALDE Party as an established and pivotal political actor within Europe must react, engage and pursue the drawing up of a new security strategy for Europe.

The current state of play of Europe's security and defence affairs lacks the necessary consistency, means and solutions to face the identified and standing menaces within the EU space. The rehabilitation of Schengen must be secured by upgrading Frontex, as it is crucial to preserve and protect Europe's external borders, citizens‘ sense of security and furthermore to safeguard one of the most ever visible and tangible integrational tools in the EU Project.

The Council of the European Union must enable without further delays Europol and Eurojust to acquire a new and broader scope of competences as well as to raise a European Intelligence Agency with the mission and capability to implement a de facto transversal intelligence network within the Member States. This will confer a new capacity and dimension to Europe's homeland security.

It is paramount to establish a common road map to lead Europe towards a real European Defence Union in order to engage with the new geostrategic paradigm around Europe. The permanent menace that Europe faces requires this and the European Union must assume the responsibility for Europe's defence. While acknowledging the natural constraints of such a Union, we cannot and should not avoid engaging with such a pivotal process for the security of Europe and all Europeans."

Two more urgencies have been adopted. The ALDE Party condemns in the strongest terms all acts of terrorism and politically motivated or sectarian violence in Europe and the rest of the world; The ALDE Party expresses deep concerning regarding the escalating situation in Burundi.

All the resolutions that have been adopted will be available soon in the ALDE Party Policy Centre online.

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