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ALDE Party press release

Henrik Bach Mortensen (Venstre, Denmark), Luis Garicano (Ciudadanos, Spain) and Angelika Mlinar MEP (NEOS, Austria) have been elected as the new ALDE Party Vice Presidents and Gašper Koprivsek (SMC, Slovenia) as the new ALDE Party Treasurer. They will join ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP in the 11-member Bureau.

The whole Bureau is now formed by:

  • Hans van Baalen MEP (VVD, The Netherlands), President
  • Henrik Bach Mortensen (Venstre, Denmark), Vice President
  • Timmy Dooley TD (Fianna Fail, Ireland), Vice President
  • Fredrick Federley MEP (Center Party, Sweden)
  • Luis Garicano (Ciudadanos, Spain), Vice President
  • Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP (MRF, Bulgaria), Vice President
  • Markus Löning (FDP, Germany), Vice President
  • Angelika Mlinar MEP (NEOS, Austria), Vice President
  • Marta Pascal MP (CDC, Catalonia, Spain), Vice President
  • Baroness Ros Scott (Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom), Vice President
  • Gašper Koprivsek (SMC, Slovenia), Treasurer
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