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ALDE Party press release
More than 800 delegates from across the European continent gathered in the city’s Canary Wharf complex to hear keynote speeches by ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson MEP, the Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister of the UK and the leader of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt MEPThe party will also adopt its manifesto for the 2014 European elections during the Congress. Nominations will also open for party candidates who would like to stand for the upcoming position of President of the European Commission.
ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson said “Every ALDE Party Congress is a special event but this one even more so. Europe has been through the fire in recent years and it is our job as Liberals to help forge a new political identity to take it forward.This has been the ALDE Party’s biggest ever Congress and it is truly heart-warming to see so much support for the liberal cause.
“Next year’s European elections will be the most contested yet. The ALDE Party has worked hard to produce a manifesto that will form a solid basis for our member parties to campaign on, one that will knock any challenge posed by the Eurosceptic parties into a cocked hat.”
The ALDE Party Congress runs until the evening of Saturday 30th of November, 2013.
The video recording of the official Congress opeining will be available on later today.
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