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ALDE Party press release

At their meeting in London earlier today, the ALDE Party Gender Equality Network elected four new vice presidents.

They are Anna Jungner-Nordgren from Finland’s SFP, Gesine Meißner from the FDP in Germany, Sissel Kvist from Radikale Venstre in Denmark and Mireia Canals from Catalonia’s CDC.

The ALDE Party Gender Equality Network is working towards greater cooperation and integration in the EU and a better future for women and for men. Innovation and entrepreneurship and the empowerment of women in democratic working processes are also important considerations.

Flo Clucas, president of the ALDE Party Gender Equality Network said; “We are starting today on a new chapter where men and women will work together to further the cause of gender equality, innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is 120 years since women first got the vote in New Zealand. We have been fighting for gender equality ever since. Liberals believe it is the way to improve the life chances for children, families, communities, nations and the economic prospects for Europe as a whole.

We call on the EU to be the stimulus for the creation of genuine gender equality and to provide the resources to make it happen.

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