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ALDE Party press release

Speaking at the ALDE Party electoral rally in Vienna on Friday 2 May, ALDE Party President, Sir Graham Watson MEP, emphasised the importance of voting liberal in the upcoming European elections. He said: “The European Parliament is a better place when liberals are strong. So wake up Europe. Europe needs to be together. We are building Europe for our future. To fight our best campaign we have to make our message heard.

ALDE Party candidate for President of the European Commission Guy Verhofstadt MEP closed the ALDE party electoral rally with a speech where he was optimistic about the outcome of the European elections and pleaded for the liberal vote as a path towards a stronger and a liberal Europe. He said: “Europe is in crisis because it suffers from those who have for far too long governed it: the conservatives and the socialists. It’s simple: in nearly halve of our countries the conservatives are leading the government and in most of the other countries the socialists are in power. In all of them there is crisis”.

Their old recipes simply don't work anymore. What we need today is something completely different, a radical shift, a new direction, a real alternative. And a new leadership too. For that, I want to unite all pro-Europeans. Everyone who think that more integration is the solution, is the way forward. Let's win. And let's create the surprise on the evening of the 25th of May ”.

The co-leader of the European liberal campaign and former EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, took the floor to remind the audience why a liberal Europe is needed. He said: “Only 20 days to go for before the first Europeans to go to the polls; only 24 days until all voting stations close. Now it is the time to change Europe into a liberal, reformist direction! We have an excellent candidate for the Commission Presidency in Guy Verhofstadt, who is energetically leading our joint endeavour and who would do a great job in that key post for Europe! And it matters to vote. Because we liberals want to unleash entrepreneurial drive and competitive innovation in Europe, for the sake of sustainable growth and job creation”.

The leader of new ALDE Party member party, NEOS – Das Neue Osterreiech - Matthias Strolz, added: “we want a strong Europe, a Europe that cares for common policy on asylum, on foreign affairs, that’s the Europe that we want. We want a Europe that leads us to freedom, respect and sustainability. We have to work every day for our vision of Europe”.

The NEOS spitzenkandidat for the European elections, Angelika Mlinar, said: “We have a decision to take. Do we take the EU to the next level or do we watch it falling apart? There is only one answer, a strong and convincing vision of the United States of Europe where nations can flourish without artificial borders. Let’s move to a more democratic Europe, a Union which is proud to be transparent and invites citizens to participate.

The leader of the UK Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg joined the ALDE Party electoral rally by a video message and stated that “only liberals will fight prejudices and work together to tackle economic crisis”.  

Note to editors

At the meeting earlier on Friday afternoon of the ALDE Party Council, the Austrian liberal party NEOS – Das Neue Osterreiech, became a full member of the ALDE Party as its application was approved unanimously.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party held its Council meeting and Electoral rally in Vienna, Austria, on 2 May 2014. At the invitation of ALDE Party member NEOS – Das Neue Osterreiech, both events brought together more than 1,000 European Liberals & Democrats.

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