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ALDE Party press release

Following the parliamentary elections on 5 October, the Bulgarian Parliament will today vote on the formulation of the new EPP-led minority coalition government, featuring GERB, Reformist Bloc and the Alternative for Bulgarian Revival. ALDE Party member party in Bulgaria, which won 38 seats at the election, the Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF) will vote against and will sit in opposition.

ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson said: "I entirely support the decision taken by Mr Mestan and his party to reject this coalition deal today. The new coalition, which while not containing Patriotic Force ministers, will be required to rely heavily on the nationalist Patriotic Force to obtain majorities in the Parliament."

"I share the concerns expressed by MRF that this coalition led by Boyko Borisov will risk turning Bulgaria away from greater European Union cooperation and away from further cooperation with NATO, both of which the country really needs in order to best serve its citizens."

"At a time when the European Union has to deal with a difficult economic situation, we need stable, middle of the road governments. We do not need to add political difficulties on top of economic."

Statement by MRF leader Lyutvi Mestan earlier today:

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