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ALDE Party press release

Centrist Emmanuel Macron elected new French President

Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron with his political project En Marche! has been elected as the new President of France on Sunday 7 April.

With a total of 66.1% the vote in the second round of election, Macron has defeated far-right Front National’s candidate Marine Le Pen.

Commenting on the election results, ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said: "I warmly congratulate Emmanuel Macron for his victory in France. I celebrate that French citizens have favoured a centrist progressive liberal candidate who will work to guarantee an open-minded and modern French Republic."

"Following the success of Liberals and Democrats in the Netherlands defeating populism, France has shown that a European spring is possible. I am confident that Macron will make France a driving force for European change. He has proved that a united Europe is the solution not the problem, campaigning with a positive and pro-European message. This is Europe’s time to shine standing up for our values of freedom, democracy, tolerance and cooperation."

"I look forward to cooperate with Emmanuel Macron and our seven ALDE Heads of Government in the European Council, for a stronger and united Europe."

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