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ALDE Party press release

Commenting on the chorus of comments by leading members of the European People's Party on developments in Romania, European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party President Sir Graham Watson MEP said today:

"For the leaders of the European People's Party to criticise political developments in Romania almost beggars belief. Was it not the same EPP who backed Berlusconi when he  rode roughshod over the rules of Italy's politics? Is it not the same EPP now supporting Borissov and Saakashvili playing fast and loose with the rules of democracy in their countries? And did the European People's Party's MEPs not give Viktor Orban a five minute standing ovation in Strasbourg despite his anti constitutional antics?"

"The EPP was silent when Basescu changed Romania's law to require 50% of the electorate to support impeachment rather than 50% of those voting. To restore democracy the law needed to be changed back."

"Romania's Constitutiton stipulates that its President should be above party politics. One needs only to look at recent appointments to the Constitutional Court, and candidates Basescu has vetoed, to see that he has politicised the body."

"Europe's Liberal Democrats are not surprised that President Basescu has lost the confidence of the people of his country. We call on the new government to act scrupulously within its constitutional powers to restore respect for the constitution. We suggest moreover that all parties come together in a convention to reach agreement on a code of good conduct for the government of the country."

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