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ALDE Party press release

Landslide victory for Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche

Emmanuel Macron with his political project La République En Marche! has won a landslide victory in the second and final round of the legislative elections in France on Sunday 18 June. Out of the 577 members of the French National Assembly, En Marche! has obtained 308 Members of the Parliament.

Commenting on the election results, ALDE Party Hans van Baalen MEP said: “I gladly welcome the excellent news coming from France and I would like to congratulate Emmanuel Macron for his landslide victory. His political project, La République En Marche!, has a large majority in the National Assembly, which proves that French citizens want an open-minded and modern France.”

La République En Marche!’s success tonight has given Emmanuel Macron’s the majority he needs to reform France and Europe. His liberal vision and positive leadership are a guarantee that France and Europe will change for the better. In his first month as President of France, Macron has already shown commitment to the strengthening of the European project while matching his words with actions by, for instance, showing determination to lead the battle on climate change."

It is Europe’s time to lead. Macron’s victory means that the second-largest EU country has a leader with the will and the mandate to pursue a deep reform of the European Union. This same vision is shared by the ALDE family, including our leader of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt and our seven ALDE Heads of Government in the European Council, who want to take Europe forward. Now it is the time to start working together for a stronger and united Europe, a Europe that works for all.”

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